PHP File download not working?

I’m still in school, and I am trying to apply what I have learned so far about PHP to add a file download to my site so potential clients/employers can download a copy.

Maybe it’s unwise or unnecessary or redundant because I have my resume info on my site as it’s own page. Again, I’m still learning but I have seen others do similar things.

My site is still a work in progress (obviously) and I am also having issues with the CSS. So if anyone has any feedback for as far as the CSS is concerned I would love to hear it to make sure I am on the right track and not forming bad habits. I will also post this site in another category for the CSS since this is the PHP section.

Anyway, here is a link.

I sort of answered my own question regarding the PHP. Apparently AWS S3 is only meant for storage and can only display static web pages. I will need to look into an actual web hosting service in order to display dynamic content.