PHP - Email to Database


I have a situation, where the mobile user will send a message to an email address.

Now when the email is received, I want that this email will be parsed and update the data base accordingly that will ultimately, update an online page via ajax.

Now what I understand is that, this can be done via PIPE, is that true, and can some one let me know how to exactly do this ?

Moreover, the email address, does it needs to be created actually on server ? OR we can deal with that via Catch all email thing ?

Please guide !


As far as I know (and I could certainly be wrong), this is dependant on your mail daemon, and the setup therein. I know that some hosts allow it as part of their Forwarder system.

Contact your host to inquire if they do this, and how to go about setting it up. If you’re running your own, check the documentation.

Thanks for your reply. I will do what you suggested.