Php & dvr

hi all ,

i’m trying to connect to DVR camera by using PHP and execute some commands like saving image and so on ,

i have sample camera


username : admin

password : 00000000

how to do this please


Is there an API to the camera software, is it web based? Does it respond to socket requests? How much do you actually know about the camera?

i dont know that much , thats why im here and asking your help

can you please access to camera , maybe u have answer

Did the camera come with any documentation? Model #, etc. As a lot of info should be within the documentation, and once you know how to access each piece of functionality, programming it, won’t be terribly difficult.

it has SDK doc , and maybe i can execute the command by calling dll , but i have no idea how ,if you want i can send you SDK doc.
i have read it , but i did not understand it :frowning:

Here below the dll usage investigation I did to get the data from the DVR:

1- QTSocketStartUp to initialize the dll global and static data.
2- QTOpen to setup the connection with the DVR; passing the parameters of the cameras as specified by the documentation sent. One importance tip here is that there should be a window handle to be passed. The window handle should be created and the WndProc should be overridden to receive the user defined messages from the dll. A workaround for this for the web implementation is using a silent window to process the messages and send the results for the web form/page.

If you attach the SDK doc to this thread, might be able to get a few people to help you look into it. There are several people here that I think would be up to the challenge.

any help please ?

I need the attachment to get approved, so I haven’t been able to download it yet.

can i do anything please ? if you want , i can send it to u by email my email is :

any body can help please?

I downloaded the attachment and it contains a kml file that is nothing but XML, that doesn’t really describe any type of SDK… Did you attach the correct file?

i apologize …wrong attachments , i cant attach the sdk , because ,its 4 M , can i have your email please in order to send you the SDK ?

many thanks

Post the model/manufacturer of the camera. I’m sure we can find documentation on it online somewhere.

From my quick overview of the SDK and the Network Protocol, you need a much strong language than PHP to handle this. All of the SDK and Network Protocol refer to things that would be used in C, C++, Java, or something along those lines.

what do u advice please ? i want to manage DVR camera thought web application

Everything I read in the attachments seem to be related to the DVR and not specifically the camera. Can you tell us which camera you bought?

From what I can tell from, if you bought a camera that works with the DVR, it should be plug n play, and it seems the DVR has its’ own web interface built in…

i want to make my own web application , i will connect to DVR , then save backup , frames or photo , and search on them later …

is there any work around ?

Not without a low level application running in the background that your web application can talk to. You may want to look to see if someone else has created a commercial product that does this already, as it will require a significant amount of work.