PHP date function not work properly

Hey there again!

I have this PHP function that calculates working days between two dates
example: 2016-10-20 TO 2016-10-31 (should be 8 days but it calculates just 7)

my function:

 function number_of_working_days($startDate, $endDate)
    $workingDays = 0;
    $startTimestamp = strtotime($startDate);
    $endTimestamp = strtotime($endDate);
    for ($i = $startTimestamp; $i <= $endTimestamp; $i = $i + (60 * 60 * 24)) {
        if (date("N", $i) <= 5) $workingDays = $workingDays + 1;
    return $workingDays;

Whats wrong?Thanks for replays!
Edit: i just tried to do calculation inserting in $endDate date from 2016-10-20 TO 2016-10-31 .
for all days it was correct exept the last date of the month 2016-10-31 , its like it ignors last day of the month

make your data more visible:

you may want to use the DatePeriod or DateTime class with modify() instead of using unix timestamps.

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Why does it not count last day as 31st?

did you ever hear that clocks are set forward/backward exactly one hour twice a year? it’s called DTS - daylight saving time. DTS may be available in your country :smiley: check out your local documentation for “october 31 2016”.

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Yes it is :blush: next one is next week :smile:

Look at the link he provided, it is because it isn’t showing 2016-10-31 for the final date, it has 2016-10-30 23:00 for some odd reason.

Something is wrong with your calculation, though I’m not 100% certain what.

You will notice the second line of output, which is the $endTimestamp, and the last output of $i do not match. They are off by an hour.

I’d encourage you to go about this using a different technique, such as…

Yeah chorn mentioned that!Now will need to try modify it somehow!

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