Php css3 canvas display output layers

I am wondering if there is any possibility of using css3 canvas with Php to display for example a form and then the output using the same file on a second layer, or is canvas only limited to graphics?
Has anyone done this and is there an example anywhere?

Hi there peterb,

the “canvas” to which you refer, is an HTML element
and requires scripting. You certainly would not be using
it in conjunction with the form element. :unhappy:

Further reading:-

MDN - : The Graphics Canvas element


Hi coothead,
Thanks for answering.
Let me try again, say I have a php scripts with the file names form.php that combines the process of the user input on one layer and then output using second layer?
I know that I have to write the scripts, but will css3 canvas do this?

The short answer is no. :unhappy:


Is this what is required?

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