Php cron job

I want to make cron job for php page
Every day at 12 am how can i do that?

You can do it through control panel or cpanel provided by your server provider. But it will work only in Linux hosting.

and how can run php script?

Create a PHP file with your script name it any thing like myfile.php. upload it to your server. In you cpanel it will ask you for your file path.

In cPanel I configure the absolute path to the PHP file like this:

php -q /home/your_user_name/cron/myscript.php

Replace your_user_name with your hosting account UN. Replace /cron/myscript.php to the path under your root directory to the script.

you can use the path as cron/myscript.php. put the cron folder in the root directory. or you can also use the path as

thanks for your replies
I used this command and it work good

30 5 * * * wget