PHP & COOKIES (If $_cookie = then this)

Hello, i was woundering if you are able to help me on a puzzle i dont quite understand.

Here is my code:

if (($_COOKIE['talent_user_email_address']) == '*****@*****'){	
			echo '<div id="left_actions" class="tabInactive" onclick="window.location.href=\\''.$this->root.'Log_An_Invoice#View_An_Invoice\\';" onmouseover="document.getElementById(\\'left_actions\\').className=\\'inactiveTabOver\\';document.getElementById(\\'right_actions\\').src=\\''.$this->root.'images/gui/tab_right_over.gif\\';" onmouseout="document.getElementById(\\'left_actions\\').className=\\'tabInactive\\';document.getElementById(\\'right_actions\\').src=\\''.$this->root.'images/gui/tab_right_inactive.gif\\';"><span><b>View An Invoice</b></span><img id="right_actions" src="'.$this->root.'images/gui/tab_right_inactive.gif" /></div>';	
		} else {}

im woundering if i can retrieve a cookie from a login then be able to read it and display a certain tab specific to that one user. for example

 if $_COOKIE['talent_user_email_address'] == '*****@*****'  

then echo the specific tab else if not dont display the specific tab

help please

  1. You do the login (check user/pass, handle errors etc)
  • Set the cookie (I recomment session, if you don’t specifically need a cookie) after the login is OK
  1. Redirect
  2. Make your check

im woundering if i can retrieve a cookie from a login

“From a login” means it’s on the same server, right?