Php contact form with date picker

Hi all I am working on a website and was looking for a php contact form that can contain a datepicker and then email the form info and the dates from the date picker.

Does anyone know of any such scripts.

thanks inadvance

Can you provide an example of what a date picker is?

A calendar perhaps ??

I was looking for something along the lines of this here but with just one and then when the date is selected it is added to the form to be sent by email.


That date picker is horrible, in a popup like that. Much nicer would be one that just appears next to the text input. This one looks nice:

yes thats what exactly what I wanted but I an unsure on how to get it to my form that the message is sent to.

I thought there may have been a ready made one that I could purchase somewhere.

Use something like this:
Other PHP contact forms you can find on google:
Then on that site of the date picker script follow the instructions on how to embed it into a contact form.

I made a slightly different type of datepicker, which you may use if you want: