Hi Chaps,

I’m setting up a PHP App on a new SBS2008 Server.
My scripts use MKDIR, RENAME, etc, which I believe use the Windows Command Prompt by default to perform these functions.
On my existing server, I have added IUSER to the security settings, but I am unable to do this on the new SBS2008 Server.
I have read that it is advised against giving such permissions to ‘Guests’ to the CMD.EXE, so my question is how do I get around this.
If PHP uses CMD, but I cannot grant permissions to, what was IUSER, how can PHP perform these actions?


You don’t need cmd.exe for the things you describe, there are PHP functions for that:


Hi, thanks for the reply, I know these functions and understand what they do.

I’m saying that I can only get functions like mkdir to work on the IIS server, by changing the CMD.EXE security settings.