PHP Breadcrumbs Needed

Hello, I have spent hours searching for an elegant and simple php breadcrumb solution. Don’t want to use a Database.

Can you please help me find a script I can use to implement and learn?

Thank you!

There’s probably a reason you’ve spent hours searching for one that doesnt use a database. The immediate answer is: Use a database.

Even if you dont use a database, you’ve got to store the information about what page leads to what somewhere… which is the equivilant of having a database.

Step 1: Add all pages into a database, otherwise how are you going to navigate to the page when you click it?
Step 2: Make sure each page has a parent/hierarchy to be able to do some SQL on.
Step 3: You’re done! :wink:

N.B. If you are trying to do this on static html files and want to build a tree around that then you will probably have to do the breadcrumbs statically too. Or you could always add them into an associated array and do it all in PHP.