PHP and MySQL Shopping Cart

You guys were able to help me the last time, so I figured I would see if you have an answer to this one :slight_smile:.

I am trying to set up a e-commerce shop for my website, but everything I am finding dosen’t work for one reason or another. I’m just going to list a few ones I tried, and why they don’t work. Oh, I am on a shared hosting server.

  • WordPress + WooCommerance Simply to big, and takes way to long to load, Magento has the same issue
  • OpenCart Requires a folder outside the root, my host doesn’t allow that
  • ZenCart Not Modern, looks pretty bad

And here are the features I would love to have:

  1. Stripe Payments
  2. SMTP support
  3. Coupon Codes
  4. Product options (Dropdown Or Radio, and text)
  5. An email to myself upon sale
  6. Modern look
  7. Categories
  8. Search bar (Optional, really don’t care about this)

If anyone knows of something, please let me know!

You need to change your hosting from shared to Cloud hosting because for ecommerce sites shared hosting is not a recommended solution.

If you prefer shared hosting because of ease of use then you can try managed cloud hosting solutions, even a non-techie person can not use it.