Php and MySQL novice to ninja ed 5

Just started working through this. Just got up to pho section chapter 3 or 4 I think… Anyway my question

Anyone know a realistic time frame to get a good grounding with these?

Any ideas on how to remember what goes where and what does what with php … MySQL found there querys on chapter 2 or 3 quite easy to grasp and remembered them like a charm php finding a little harder to remember what does what and when/how


Hi Veyper,

I know what you mean. I had more or less the same problem.
What I did was to buy the book in paper and electronic form. That way when I thought “Oh, he covered that somewhere before”, I could just just search through the electronic version and find the appropriate place.

Also, a great online PHP reference is here: Just use the search box to find whatever you need.
StackOverflow is also a great resource.

Hope that helps.

Pullo thanks for the reply, I have the paper version, think I’m going to buy the electronic version and try your method. Also thanks for the links ill take a look at them