Php and MSSQL - Need some info

I am trying to run a PHP website I build few month’s ago
using PHP and MySQL on
Windows hosting plan…
I talked with the customer support and they told me I will have to
use MS-SQL in order to make it work on Windows.

Now my question is what is the difference between MySQL and MS-SQL ?
And what do I need to change ?
I wasn’t able to find MS-SQL syntax guides (How to insert data, select, etc…)
I would really appriciate it if someone could give me a link to learn the syntax since I really need to make it work on this server.

Syntax is mostly the same for a lot of things, you just have to use the mssql functions instead of the mysql functions.

However… I highly recommend you get a new host.

MSSQL Server is an industrial-strength server from microsoft. If you’re using PHP it’s much easier to find a host with mysql support, getting php to talk to mssql server isn’t always the easiest thing to do. You should ask your host for information on making a connection from php to mysql on their server, there are different methods to connect depending on what’s available on the host.

For MSSQL Server documentation you can look here: SQL Server Books Online

If you write your code with PDO then the differences will be minimal. There are more things that are MSSQL only than MySQL only. The most notable is the REPLACE INTO from MySQL and MySQL’s ENum datatype. On the other side MSSQL has the currency datatype and views/stored procedures and transactions have been part of it for longer than MySQL (which is playing catch up in these areas), meaning that those parts of the code are better tested.

If you are using PHP in a windows environment you will benefit from being able to link it into the .Net framework since Microsoft has extended that framework to support PHP. On the downside the majority, probably the vast majority of PHP deployments are on .nix platforms so the majority of the support documents you find for PHP will be expecting you to be on that form of deployment.

I’ll echo this because MySQL can run on the windows OS and your host shouldn’t be taking upon themselves to dictate your db technology.

get a different host

my sites are hosted on a windows server running IIS and they use mysql quite comfortably

the host is not really my choice im installing the website on a friend host
and I have to make it work on his host which is Windows and use MS-SQL.
thats why I canno’t change host…

anyway , thank you all for your help. :slight_smile:

a lot, and a lot, respectively

you make it sound like you already have application code written

if this is the case, you have to look at all your sql – every line of it

if you’re just starting out, though, you’ll have a much easier time