PHP and mail() function issue


My website is customised in php, and at the contact us pages i’ve been using the mail() function to get the emails from this form to my email ids.

I have places everything in place, and working fine as well.

But the major problem is i receive the email in more than 4 hours+.

So if a customer sends us any query from our website it’s taking 4+ hours.

I dont know what to do in such case, i have reviwed the code twice and dint find any problem with that.

All i looking forward to use any other method, is there any other method, where i dont have to use this mail() function, and receive the email in pretty fast manner.

I am also open to use any email server, which i can use to send and receive email from.

plz help. thanks in advance. KRST

Is it your own server? Fix the MTA.

Shared server? Use some other SMTP server and Swift Mailer.

Willing to spend money? Use SendGrid.

my website is hosted on
and presently i am using simple mail() function at my php pages. No SMTP defined.

So read options 2 and 3 in my answer.

When your hosting service expires, get a different host. You’re just starting to learn why using a registrar as a web host is a bad idea.

would you mind helping me with other hosting options…? thanks in advance