PHP Affecting Javascript?

I have made a javascript selection menu which displays perfectly when the code is on a page on its own:

However, when I implant the same code on the full page on which I want it to appear it goes haywire with large gaps all over place, I have managed to get it down to a small gap between the top menu and splash image. A colleague I work with suggests it may be down to the PHP affecting. Can anyone advise how I can fix it so the gap is removed:

It can’t be the PHP affecting it because the PHP finishes running before any of the JavaScript can start running.

Most likely a CSS problem since that is what affects appearance of the page although it could also be a clash with other JavaScript in the page (I haven’t looked at your page to try to work out which of these it would be).

Thanks, do you know how I can track down what the issue is?

I have tried all sorts of methods. I’ve gone through all of the surround DIVS and I cant find what is affecting it.

Could it be anything to do with the page naming like an old HTML?

Using Mozilla + Firebug extension was always a good approach for me in this situations. You can see from where are properties inherited and find a clue what is causing you this trouble.

Thats great, thanks for that.

Is it this one:

yes :slight_smile: