PHP accepts a condition that it shouldn't!

Hi guys,
Today, I am very confused because PHP accepts the below condition.

    $b = true;
    if($b == 'hello') echo 'ok'; else echo 'no';

Well, PHP displays ‘ok’. I still don’t understand how is it possible.

Maybe, you can clarify it for me…

It’s because doing a comparison using double equals (==) does type conversion to compare the two values. In your example, the string ‘hello’ is evaluated to true.

If you use triple equals (===) PHP won’t try to convert the types, and so your script will output ‘no’.

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Yes, in some cases type conversion might be a good thing, and many times it won’t make a difference, but for the most part it I find it best to use stricter comparison. Something I’ve learned the hard way over time.