Php 7 released?

I am looking forward to the new release especially because it is compiled rather than interpreted.

I am also curious to know if performance increases on old scripts or is drastic optisation required for noticeable benefits.

Has anyone installed the Linux version and can recommend an installation script?

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Here’s a good little Zend piece on PHP 7 -

They indicate that you will indeed see significant speed improvements from upgrading without even altering code.

The November 12 RC was supposed to be the last one before release, so hopefully we’ll be seeing the release soon.

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Well. It is about time!

Honestly, I have been following PHP closely for quite a while now. It is growing [up] from where it was a decade or so ago. :thumbsup:

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Yes I fully agree.

Php and web development seemed a retrograde step after learning numerous compiled languages.

Will there be a make file or an automatic compile of the separate pages?

Where are you getting information about compilation? That doesn’t follow with what I’ve read.

Where are you getting information about compilation? That doesn’t follow with what I’ve read.

I have just re-read a few articles and believe this version is unfortunately not compiled :frowning:

The prior versions were compiled so this one should be as well.

The question should be whether the page is compiled immediately before running it (as prior versions are) or whether it is compiled in advance.

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If it is now officially released and not just another RC, then I’d give it about 30 days before we start to see the odd thread where someone’s site has stopped working due to them using the old mysql_* extension.

btw: @swader it might be worth bumping the “migrate from the mysql_* extension to PDO” article to the front/top of the PHP articles list with a link to the PHP forum added for any problems

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Seems to just be a RC -

The article says “aims to release PHP 7 in October 2015” so I’m thinking it’s not as up-to-date as it might be. :slight_smile:

There’s not much to be up to date about, it’s just giving generalities. They were shooting for October right up until then I think… then they said November 12, but that became the last RC date… now they’re going to miss November altogether if they don’t get on the ball :smiley:

Wikipedia links to that as the evidence to support an official release date of tomorrow even though that page doesn’t give a release date. The Wikipedia page is the only place where I have been able to find 26th November listed as the official release date though. There are a few other sites that specify December as the intended release date without being any more specific.

It can’t be very far off now though as there are lots of indications that RC7 is the last before the official release.

Re: release. There’s a critical issue holding things back.

@spacephoenix good thinking, cheers.

Edit: official statement for Dec 3rd release

And I thought I liked to watch the world burn, this made me lol too

On the PHP compile or not compile, this is a good video about what PHP does, when it interprets and runs your PHP code.


But the last version of php 5 is not finished:

I remember the book

What happened to php6 ?

Opcache has been bundled with 5.5.0. A real integration did not happen yet while stabilizing it was the highest priority.

OPCache is preferred for efficient drupal 8 performance.

Personally I will concentrate on php 5.+ until …

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I’d give it about 5 hours, and more than ‘the odd thread’.

RC8 has now been released so we have to wait at least another two weeks for the official version.

PHP 7 has been tagged on github, and release will be imminent.