Photoshop typography

I have been working in Photoshop for a long time. I have made many web elements like banners, buttons, ads , flyers etc. But I always suffered from the problem of typography. I know what typography is. I have saw many tutorials on typography but they are not helping. Each time I made a web element it has been refused because of the typography. I also suffer from the ratio of fonts comparing to the web element size. Please give suggestion. If possible try to give some practical lesson links that are based on the web elements typography.

Hi tanjilovi. Don’t know if this will help at all, but I just found out about this site the other day, and it seems pretty cool to me:

There are, of course, some good books on typography, too.

What do you mean by this?

I also suffer from the ratio of fonts comparing to the web element size.

Hi ralph.m
By that sentence I wanted to know about the size of fonts in different banners. For example I have made a banner ad of size 120x600 and put some text on that. Now I will make another banner ad of 160 x 600 . What will be the size of the fonts then ? I know that I have to increase the font size. I have tried to do that but I failed. I have submitted my works in different sites . They like the design but problems is in the typography.
And thanks for the link. I am having a look at that at this moment.
If any one has any suggestions they are most welcomed.

Are you talking about in Photoshop or in CSS? I’m still not clear. Anyhow, I don’t think there is any rule for theat afont size must be, as such. Not being trained in graphic design, I use my eye to tell if something is in proportion or not. Ultimately, that’s what clients and site visitors will use, too.

I looked at the url. This is not the typography I am talking about. I want to know about typography in web elements made by Adobe Photoshop . But thanks for the reply.

That seems like an oxymoron to me. Photoshop really has nothing to do with web elements. :-/

For ratios you really have to use a combination of MATH and and artistic sensibilities, you cant just rely on the program ( PS or any other program). The math is simple but the nuances are complicated. I tend to do it by eye then check my math. If you were thinking ahead when when you started the project you probably use PS’s text box tool as opposed to inline text, if this is the case you can reshape the bounding box until it ROUGHLY fits your new banner, and produces pleasing line breaks at the new proportions. You can then fine tune the size using TRANSFORM>SCALE. After that , it’s a good idea but not necessary , to check your actual font size on the Type window, to make sure you dont have fractional px sizes or haven accidentally altered the height/width ratio of your font.

I am working now with the text box tool. The box can be created by selecting the type tool and by dragging a box is created. I wonder How I missed that thing :stuck_out_tongue: But this is not that helpful because after writing a line the other lines seems to be merged with the first line.
And I have already tried the maths technique. It is easy! But these maths doesn’t always work. :frowning: Actually I am using unitary methods. Does the PS have any math option of it’s own ? Please tell me about it.
And the transform tools are used if you have a good knowledge of ratio. ( I mean the artistic sensibility you already mentioned. )
Thanks for the reply. I came to learn a new thing (text box) from your reply thanks. Please give more suggestions.

after writing a line the other lines seems to be merged with the first line.
You can still select individual, lines, words or characters and use type control to alter text individually using the Character palette.

Also you can write text in separate lines and LOCK LAYERS , when you scale one of those layers ALL will scale proportionately. The thing is that what you are looking for is not a proportional scaling but “adapting” and to be honest I don’t think there will ever be a program that will be able to do that. Aesthetics are subjective and unique to human sensibilities.

That sounds line you have the line height set to 0 or something low.

Look at the screen snip that I have put on this post, Select the Text Tool (T) and click on the Palette to get the options panel open.
Where the second circle is, make sure it is set to Auto or spend some time playing with different settings to get the gap between lines to what you need.