Photoshop question

Here’s my question, I have a photo with 4 people in it,and I want to use it in a slideshow, but I want to spotlight each person so they are prominent in the photo to go go along with a quote from them. So do I fade the background out each time? Whats the best technique to use to highlight one person, will dropping the others in the background?



You can do that or you can leave the picture in black and white except for the person you want to highlight which will be in full color. That could be another option.

You would need to have 4 copies of the same photo. In photoshop I would make 4 copies of the main layer and apply a gradient mask to each layer for each person. That will single people out and also have a nice fading effect.

Using four layers is what I thought of at first, too. And you can do this in conjunction with your idea or the idea of only leaving one person in color.