Photoshop question: replacing pixels of one color with another color?

Is there any way in Photoshop to replace all pixels of one color with another color? e.g., changing the color of all 000000 colored pixels to ffffff.

Image -> Adjustments -> Replace Color perhaps?

I’m not 100% on that; I’ll have to check when I get home (where I have PS installed).

there is a tool in photoshop cs called the colour replacer or somthing, it lets you select one colour and then another to replace it with. this is not a feature of 7.x
i think it features in paint shop pro too.

Image -> Adjustments -> Replace Color perhaps?

Yup, you got it.

I am familiar with the Replace Color tool, but that doesn’t seem to be quite what I’m looking for.

The add/subtract from selection is not intuitive to use.

Also, how you go about replacing colors isn’t robust. And, for instance, you can only transform white or black into different shades; you can’t turn them into colors (as far as I know) with this tool.

What I want to do is systematically replace one color, of a certain #, with a color of a different #.

Thanks for the replies.

Select the color you want to replace. And then go to Edit/Fill/Background or Foregound color (one should be your desired new color. And change the blending mode to ‘color’.

Thanks a lot! That did the trick :smiley:

Though blending mode ‘color’ didn’t work for me, however ‘normal’ did. And to anyone that’s interested, note that you have to select the color by using Select->Color Range first.

Very much appreciated, this will be quite useful to me :slight_smile: