Photoshop log in form

Hi, can i ask something because i am confuse, i found a lot in google there are many ready made log in form design created in photoshop…is it possible to put php code on this ready made image log in form,how do i put the textbox like the username in the image login form and also the submit button ? that the user can type there username and pasword, but this is just an image how to make this functional ?..I apologize for having hard time for explaining.I hope you get my point.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Remember that Photoshop has nothing to do with web design. It’s for editing/creating pretty pictures, but web items like forms are not pictures. They are interactive features made of HTML, styled with CSS and processed with a server side language like PHP. Try to get in the mindset of creating the form in HTML first, then looking at how to style it to look the way you want with CSS. You really don’t need (or want) images at all in this situation (except perhaps for small enhancemenents that are hard to do with CSS like icons or background decorations).

There are lots of tutorials and examples online of how to create and style pretty forms. Even SitePoint has a book called Fancy Form Design. :slight_smile:

Thank you ralph. :slight_smile:


Take The Reference Of The Photoshop Book…

Oh, from Photoshop to PHP, there is a long way. You just missed CSS and HTML :slight_smile: First you need to code that image into html and CSS, and then think of programming :slight_smile:

What you’d do is, you’d slice up the image in photoshop and then send it to Dreamweaver or whatever client you use. You’d then replace the form design elements with actual form elements from there. You need to export the image from Photoshop as HTML. It’s been a while since i did so i don’t know the exact steps.

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All that you have mentioned is possible to accomplish however, not in photoshop. All this will be done directly in the coding part in your code file.