Photoshop cs2, I lost the Tools window!

Hi everyone,
While working with ps cs2, I inadvertently pressed some keys which made my Tools window shrink to minimum so that I can’t use it anymore! I didn’t find any help with “References” nor with mouse’s right click.
Maybe here I can find assistance: How to bring back my PS tools.


your tool window must be hide… SO first option is - at menu bar -> window -> then click on tools it will be visible… even if you find it in minimized form… then go to next option

close your PS and then before open it again press shift+ctrl+Alt and then click on PS to open. remember do not loose these three buttons until u get a popup (with massage of deleting setting) and then press ok… your PS will be reset and all default setting will come back… GOOD LUCK

Hi Shikha,
Thanks for your help.
I kept on searching and found this:
From Window menu I selected Workspace and then: Reset Palette Locations and the Tools window came back.

Thanks for help guys. I was just facing the same issue!
Thanks again!