Photo Challenge - What is it?

Thom had a great idea for this week’s theme:

Sounds like fun to me!

Nope :smiley: I think that I have to give a hint now: think about grooming.

[FONT=“Georgia”]Jewellery of somekind? Or a bead?


Sorry, not even close.

One of those little LED light bulbs?

So, I thought this thread was dead too long. I try to get the ball rolling again. So what is this?

[FONT=“Georgia”]Insect wings.


This one is difficult :slight_smile: I saw this for the first time. Normally I am not that close.

Indeed :slight_smile: It is hard to keep secrets from you guys HAHA!

Nope Phil :smiley:

The edge of a chair?

It is the edge of an iPhone or computer or cellphone.

Here we go again. This one is really obvious I think :stuck_out_tongue:

[FONT=“Georgia”]Okay, so that I would have never guessed.

It seems so obvious now!


Well, I think this might have been too obscure. It is a brown pelican skimming the water for small fish. That day there were millions of the “bait fish” under the pier, the fisher men were casting their nets as well :slight_smile:

No :slight_smile: Not an irrigation canal. The seemingly out of focus is water.

Irrigation canals?
I really don’t know, the picture is too small, and too out of focus (or at least it seems to be)

Nope, not an insect :slight_smile: It is larger than that.

Interesting guess, but no :smiley: