Philosophy books

Which are some good philosophy books for beginners? I want to read some famous writer like Socrates or Einstein.

Try searching on Google.

Can’t help you with any titles, but if you’re a beginner, I don’t know if reading the original texts is the best idea. You might be better of with some introductions into philosophy, where the author explains the ideas of the great philosophers over history.

the art of relaxation is the best book


Today there are a lot of philosophy books in our world. They are interesting and sometimes very difficult to understand. I think the easiest way to read something good is to search such kind of books in the internet. Also, you can ask opinion about certain book on different chats or people who are have experience of reading philosophy books.

Pay a visit to your local library and see if the librarians there can help get you started.

Try the complete works of Plato. That’s a good place to start. :slight_smile:

(PS—Socrates didn’t write anything, but his student, Plato, wrote lots about him and his philosophy.)

just google it or better yet go to your nearest bookstore and look for philosophy books under… you guessed it!.. Philosophy.

Try reading Gibran’s …very insightful.

I’m a Philosophy graduate and this book “Elements of Philosophy : An Introduction,” by Samuel Enoch Stumpf is worthy to read. Enjoy reading.

My first introduction to Philosophy was Sophie’s World. It’s a nice introduction, albeit extremely brief. It’s extremely fun to read, however. All of Gaarder’s books are. I read them when I was a young teenager and these books were the reason for studying Philosophy at Uni in later years.

I suggest you read The defeat of the mind, by Alain Finkielkraut. His view is rooted in tradition and takes distance from our modern ideological twists, which helps understand the present, all the while providing strong philosophical basis for beginners.

The Best Philosophy book I Ever Read is “GANDHI …as a CEO”.
Writer is Allen Axelrod.