Phantom https Pages

Sitepoint Members,
A while back I accidentally typed the adress in a link to another page of mine as https://… instead of http:// and a while back I fixed it (like 6 months ago). Recently I typed into goog;le The last page in googe’s list is (That tilda is literally in therre). I don’t have a folder named ~usernsame-for-my-webhost-account nor a folder even rmotely named ~usernsame-for-my-webhost-account. I tried using google’s webmaster tools to remove the page from it’s index but it only accepts requests on http pages, not https pages. So I put in my robots.txt Disallow: /~usernsame-for-my-webhost-account/. Is that the way to fix this problem?



I guess it is; the phantom page is gone. I didn’t think search engines look at https and http as the same.