Petition Handling

Hi, I’d like advice on setting up a petition system for a current website. The website runs on drupal 6 with CiviCRM integration and I’d like to find either:

  1. A trusted and reputable site for hosting the petition.
  2. A working petition module for drupal.

Currently, there is a petition module for Drupal. However, it does not seem to integrate with the latest releases of CiviCRM (there appear to have been API changes). So, my most likely choice is to host the petition elsewhere and link to it. Has anyone used a service before? Any suggestions?

To very fancy, but free and works - checkout Google Doc Forms.

We’re also looking at how to combine surveys with CiviCRM.

I was never able to get this feature working with CiviCRM. What I ended up doing was using Drupal’s webform module to create and host our own surveys. Some of the specifications for how we needed the survey data and what fields were required forced us to move away from a 3rd party provider.