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Hello, my name is Ovidiu and I’m trying to make a perspectiv 3D full page. I used de Css3 transform but when I write transform: rotateX(45deg), it won’t trigger the effect. Can anyone help please ?. Thank’s [smile]

Hey there!

Could we get a demo showcasing this not working? We kind of don’t have any code to go off of right now :slight_smile: .

html { perspectiv:500px;
position: relative

body { width:100%;
font-family: Arial,Tahoma;
position: absolute;

This is my code. If I type rotateZ(45deg) it works, but I need to rotate it on the Y axis and I’m stuck here I don’t know what to do :). Thank’s for your time :smile:

Don’t put it on html,body - make a page wrapper if you want it full page.

Still not working, I can’t find the mistake.

It is working. What makes you think it isn’t?

It only resizing my webpage, the effect does not work.

Please create a mock-up using a paint program (PhotoShop, GIMP, for examples) that shows what you are trying to achieve. Please show two views, before rotate and after rotate. When we understand what you are really trying to do, we can help with the code.


You missed the ‘e’ off perspective.

  perspective: 1000px;
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Thank you all, I have done it :). Thank’s for your time and help, have a nice day everyone ! :slight_smile:

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