Perpetual license or lifetime license

Hi guys,

We are selling a product, one of the license is 399 dollars, once you bought this license, it will be valid for the rest of your life, and you don’t need to pay for all the update of this product in the future.

My problem is: what should we name this license? Perpetual license? Lifetime license? Or any other name?



As a Brit, I’d not heard of “Perpetual license” whereas what “Lifetime license” means was immediately clear. Therefore, I would prefer the latter.


Thanks Pullo, this is very helpful.

No worries, just my gut reaction.

What does @ralphm think (Australian English) or @molona (non-native)?

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When I read “lifetime license” I think of the lifetime of the product. That is I can pass the product and its license to another user if I want and the seller can support his product for a lifespan he decide.

Otherwise the “perpetual license” and “lifetime license” names would be a contradiction.

I feel like there shouldn’t be a connection between the product’s lifetime and the purchaser’s lifetime if the product isn’t both personal and garanteed to last for life.

I would suggest the name “permanent license”. Then I’ll expect it to last as long as I can use the product, but I’m not from any of the five “English” nations .


Lifetime license makes the most sense to me, even though, as @Erik_J says, it can be misinterpreted. But you can then always have a clarification on your website about what the license means.

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Thanks for your explanation and suggestion. The “permanent license” sounds really good.

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Thank you. This is one of the essential things I really need to do.


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