PERL vs. PHP vs. Java Servlet vs. ASP.NET

Could somebody recommend a community where more people would know more Java stuff? Not that you guys don’t know Java, it’s just that most of y’all seem to be PHP-inclined :slight_smile:, there’s a JSP forum there :slight_smile:

I already have a Java web app that roughly does this. You should contact me.

PHP usually has the upper-hand over Java when you need to develop a system in under 10,000 lines of code (including html within the php files). PHP’s documentation, IMO, is much better that Java’s, Pythons and Perl’s (don’t know much about You can get up-to-speed, without investing much learning time with PHP. However, after about 5,000 lines of code, you can really start hurting for namespace features and a standard way to organize php modules and object heirarchies in the same way you can do in just about every other language. In PHP, all functions and classes are global.

I would add Python to the list list of technologies you are asking about. You don’t hear much mention of it in these forums, but you sure do hear about it among respected developers who have worked with many languages over many years.

PHP is not a requirement today and IMO an absolute waste of time

I just had to do that, sorry.

Once again I ask you, Mr. Livingston, have you actually evaluated .NET extensively?

It depends on if the site is
basic / moderate / complicated
the load that will be placed on it
the server and database
your style

For a basic site, any of the tools are great. The most important thing on any tool is knowing it well.

Nearing the completion of a 100,000+ line commercial app for the web, in my opinion with your Net language of choice ( i like rules.

If a lot of code is involded, a good development environment is essential. While short routines can be handcoded, thousands of routines, require an environment like Visual Studion to develop ( i would not trust code that was not developed in wihout an IDE). For the html part, dreamweaver or handcode. If you use a product like dreamweaver, always finish up the code by hand.

One of the reasons Net is so great is the class library, which is an under-statement of how good it is.
Combine that with features like easy to use cache, not having to register dll’s (just drop them in the bin directory), and much more.
ALso it is Fast…

Michael (Virochana)
Silver Earth Web Design and Development

I think matt is right. Java is better than them all, but its code is lengthy.

That’s not true!! One can easily find a server with JSP support nowadays since its catching up on fast, though not as easily as for PHP(well it runs on Linux & also on Windows, so big deal abt finding a host for it) & for ASP(since every web-host has windows space also).

[color=#8b0000]As for database integration, well I can’t see why u say that its easiest with PHP/MySql. Perhaps u haven’t tasted ASP, that’s why. With ASP, u can connect 2 a database in a jiffy & here’s the code:-

[color=darkorchid]'*** Declare the variables[/color]
[color=olive]Dim strCon, myConn, myRs, strSql, strField1, strField2[/color]
[color=#9932cc]'*** Declare the connection string[/color]
[color=olive]strCon = "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;DataSource=" & [/color]
[color=olive]Server.MapPath("urdb.mdb" )[/color]
[color=#9932cc]'*** Set the variable to create the Connection instance[/color]
[color=olive]Set myConn = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection" )[/color]
[color=#9932cc]'*** Open the connection[/color]
[color=olive]myConn.Open strCon[/color]
[color=#9932cc]'*** Set the variable to create a recordset instance[/color]
[color=olive]Set myRs = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset" )[/color]
[color=#9932cc]'*** Declare the sql query[/color]
[color=olive]strSql = "select * from myTable"[/color]
[color=#9932cc]'*** Execute the query[/color]
[color=olive]myRs.Open strSql, myConn[/color]
[color=#8b0000][color=#9932cc]'*** Get data from col1 in a variable[/color]
[/color][color=olive]strField1 = myRs.Fields("col1" )[/color]
[color=#8b0000][color=#8b0000][color=#9932cc]'*** Get data from col2 in a variable[/color]
[color=olive]strField2 = myRs.Fields("col2" )[/color]
[color=#9932cc]'*** Closing the recordset & connection & releasing the variables[/color]
[color=olive]Set myRs = nothing[/color]
[/color][color=olive]Set myConn = nothing[/color]


So the reviews about the different langs r:-

JSP & Java Servlets, I’ll say that they r not easy but r powerful, reliable & have all the qualities of Java & also its fast but not the 1st time u run it, but after u’ve run it the 1st time(every file that’s new or has been changed) it has speed. But the thing that goes against it is that like Java, its code intensive & the coding even for a single forum message board in JSP will be lengthy.

And abt, well I’ve heard that its good but since I’ve just started on it, I can’t give a review abt it yet.


I’d just like 2 quote that if ur talking in terms of platform then Linux is seems 2 free but Mandrake or RedHat or HP or ne firm that provides Linux, doesnot provide it for free. If u r talking abt open-source then u can download the code for linux but that’s ages old. framework can be downloaded for free from [color=olive][/color]

PHP, well go for it if u r one of those open-source geeks(I still haven’t figured out Y they call PHP apps open-source & scorn at ASP when there r more free apps available that r written in ASP than PHP & when ASP is so simple & can connect 2 access db which is portable & PHP requires system db like MySql) or if u wanna save on ur hosting space, since Linux space(for PHP, Perl) is cheap than Windows(ASP).[/color]

ASP, well what can I say about the lang which in my opinion, the easiest around. I simply love it & making any app is easy & quick in it. Go for it if u r looking 4 something that’s easy & consumes less of ur precious time.

And lastly, Perl, well the language has seen the ups & downs & has come of age. Sure it was the first kid on the block but it has not liven up 2 competition. Though there r many things that r not possible or very tough 2 do in other langs than Perl but today, there r more cons than pros 4 it. Its slow, heavy on server’s resources, difficult, lengthy code & more or less, a pain in the ***. I spent 2 months 2 get the hang of it so that I can start in it too but after 2 months, I gave it up. Its 2 bothersome 2 be considered.

So there u r with my reviews. Also I would like to apologise if anybody is offended by my remarks above. Please don’t take it 2 ur heart as I m only providing my point of view & drawing the comparison.

Linux distros from those companies are free along with things like freeBSD, it’s the support you have to pay for.

Here is an interesting article on PHP vs ASP. Good luck to you.

That article is more or less useless. It compares PHP to ASP, which has been replaced by ASP.NET many years ago. It also only lists comparison aspects that favors PHP.

I definately think PHP is the easiest to learn and can do just about anything

PHP is very easy to learn, but it absolutely can’t do everything.

It’s inferior for developing client applications that runs outside the browser, and is very limited in what it can do in graphics generation. .NET can, with version 3.0, build very complex 3D interfaces.

It also lacks quite a bit of language features availiable to C# and Java, such as generics, for instance.