Compare feature PHP and JSP

Is any article or website that provide information about compare lastest version feature of these language. and has summary table compare feature such as

web server, platform, scripting language, customize tag, reuse code … etc…

I know this one

but I think not enough information and compare


I can’t point you to any article in particular, but I can tell you what I know having used all three. Here goes: and JSP allow creation of custom HTML tags, PHP does not.

PHP (*nix) is the fastest according to most comparisons, followed by ASP[.net] and then JSP.

PHP and JSP can be run on a plethora of platforms, lending to easy migration if and when it is necessary. ASP[.net] only works with Microsoft, leaving you tied to their architecture, security flaws, and licensing games.

JSP - based on full featured Java - is historically the most powerful, though the .net addition to ASP may lend to equalizing that. PHP, by contrast is strictly a scripting engine, and while it is rather powerful by comparison to other scripting engines, it is still more limiting than a full-featured programming language. However, this smaller feature set is arguable what lends to its performance and ease of use.

PHP is the most popular of the three by far, and this is presumably the easiest to recruit for (enlarging a dev. team). However, the large number of Java programmers leads me to believe you might find a large field of developers to choose from. While ASP (plain) actually has more use than PHP or JSP, has the fewest adopters, and finding people who are qualified may not be easy.

For database support, none support more connection types than Java’s JDBC. However PHP’s database support is extensive and FAST, FAST, FAST. relies upon Microsoft’s ADO, which is generally easy to use, but slower than the other two and supports less connection types.

Ultimately, however, I think that your question is inheirantly flawed. Choosing the best application server is a matter of circumstance. You should choose the one that fits your needs, not the one that most people like or recommend.

Collateral Concerns

If you’re in an all-MS shop, ASP might be a reasonable choice. (Though I’d avoid .NET as it is still quite new).

If you’re looking for maximum portability, PHP or JSP are a better choice.

If you’re looking for fastest development time, choose PHP.

If you want fastest performance, again, choose PHP.

If cost/licensing is a concern (when is it not?) consider PHP or JSP on Linux. Both engines are free, as is the OS, and you also get free RDBMS’s, whereas the de-facto database for ASP is MS SQL Server which comes with a huge price tag.

If team development is important, JSP (Java) may be the best bet, with PHP a close second.

If the site will get heavy traffic, you may want to stay clear of JSP.

If security is an issue (when is it not?) stay clear of Microsoft.