Performance after rewriting url with htaccess file

Hi, I was thinking of rewriting my url-s on my web page using a .htaccess file, using the RewriteRule function, for SEO reasons.
For example, I would rewrite my url-s from to .
However, I am a bit concerned about the loading speed of my site after using the htaccess file, because I heard that these kind of files really tend to slow down the server… I would probably have around 20-25 rewrite rules altogether.

Any suggestions?

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

My opinion is that the speed will be slow down only with a few milliseconds, and this is not a problem.
If you can have friendly url for seo, it is better to rewrite the url.

It has a small impact, but not enough to notice unless you get to a few hundred or even a few thousand rules.


The real power of mod_rewrite is in using the regex engine. That means that your 20 or so redirections would easily be handled by one line of mod_rewrite code (okay, two if you count RewriteEngine on).

If you’re not familiar with regular expressions (or mod_rewrite, for that matter), have a look at the tutorial linked in my signature as it’s helped many members over the years.