Percent of copied material allowed for an article?

hi dudes!!!
Article writing is a skill that totally depends on the creativity of the writer but I have a query relating to the content writing that how much percent of the copied material in an article is allowed and legal??? or copying is totally an illegal act???
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Copying a very small percentage is allowed under fair use laws. You generally need to be cite where the content came from and have a very good excuse for needing to quote it - such as if you are a Teacher or Journalist.

Any copying without citing the source is illegal. If you can’t prove that you met the fair use requirement it is also illegal.

NewGenMarketing, using ANY content you didn’t produce is illegal if…

  1. The author has not given you consent either written or by license to repost it.
  2. You post the content uncited or sourced (with permission but instruction to-do so).
  3. Remix or re-write the article as your own without being exempt by fair use.

You have to meet all three of those points otherwise your committing an offence. :slight_smile:

and what if you copy some material from any article and then paste it on to your blog with inverted commas and reference of that website…is that still called copied material and is illegal??

If you are not sure then simply ask permission. You are not breaching someone’s copyright if you have their permission to copy it.

If you are asking whether a certain amount of content is too much then it probably is.


I have also a dilemma related to this. If you copy some frase, you put in the page the source, without announcing it, without asking its permision is this allowed?Do you have to ask permission for every information you use? respectig the copyright, of course.

How many words/characters can you take from a text without breaking the copyrights?