Penguin Update - Google’s Webspam Algorithm Gets Official Name

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Google’s Webspam Algorithm Gets Official Name - Penguin

It will affect 3 % queries. Say no to keyword stuffing and bad link schemes.

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So they name it as penguin. What’s the next Animal to be featured? The next letter P Animal? Hmm??

(Image from SearchEngineWatch(dot)com)

Do you have something to share about this update? I’m in a big confused about this today.
But I like the fact that it promotes natural linking. Of course it will teach us to learn more of new things and get away in our bad doings.
I’m Looking Forward for Less Spam Environment as we go through the next days with Penguin Update.

With this Penguin update, most of the websites have dropped its ranking. Might be that few websites withstood in this update battle… It would be good to have the websites with a unique content, no spamming at any means…

When Penguin came out, the first thing that I thought was that Google made Panda a new best friend. If you’re going to look at things that way, Panda = quality; Penguin = anti-spam. Add them together, and you have a good place with good content, free of spam. Oh, and I wouldn’t say “most” websites, because it only affected 3% of the queries. Well, you could say that “most” got hit because the ones we know have been hit. I’m feeling that this cycle, as shown in mackyanderson’s image, will go on for a long time until Google finds away to completely eliminate spamming.

[font=verdana]Logically, that’s unlikely. There are still ten places on page 1, there’s still a #1 answer for every search, so it’s unlikely that “most” websites have fallen in the rankings.

As Google has said that this update only affects about 3% of queries, it clearly is not going to have any impact on “most” websites.[/font]

That’s not true - I have almost given up using Google to search for anything since the Panda update because all the top spots that used to contain useful sites have mostly been replaced with spam. Perhaps the Penguin update will revese that mistake on the part of the Panda update and get rid of the spam and put the useful sites back.

Penguin mainly targeted $$ keywords. Penalizing for crappy links is a bad idea. You have to be pretty naive to think that competitors won’t go low as to negatively SEO their competition, because its pretty much a given they will. Taking out those blog networks is a good idea but not penalizing sites that they link to as that would make it too easy to take out a competitor using dirty tactics.

I think Google should just make the value of links zero instead of going penalty happy. One of my sites did get #1 for a keyword that gets 150,000 local(US) search per month though. Another one also went up significantly so its been good for me.

Hmm… I see your point there. I really do hope that at least what I said about Penguin being Panda’s best friend would hold true.