Pencils for Logo Designing

Hello Everyone,

I’m New In Designing Filed, I Like designing website and logo and i have great idea of these both.
I just start my work from pencil paper work to Photoshop.but in some logo tutorials designing use a spacial type of pencil to draw logo.
i just wanted to know about STATIONERY for brand and web designing.

Jagdeep S

:lol: I’ve heard of some of the best prelim work being done with lipstick on the back of a bar napkin.

Seriously, unless you’re doing “art quality” sketches I don’t think you need to worry too much. Just try different things until you find someting within your budget that you like working with. Whether notebook with a no. 2 pencil or posterboard with charcoal, it’s only for you to work out ideas no? And even if you’re “selling” the ideas to prospective clients, I doubt most would care much, though lipstick on bar napkins might not be the best choice :wink:

i watched out my tutorial on youtube, i don’t know which pencil they are using after pencil work they use some kind of pen or marker, i don’t know i really like what they use for dark black color.

Sounds like they used a felt-tipped marker. They leave a wider line than a ball-point pen and come in lots of different colors. A problem being they can’t be erased unless they’re used on a special “white board” (similar to using chalk on a slate board).