Penality Checker Tool

How I know my website is penalize? Is there any penality checker tool?

No. Such a tool is impossible, because nobody can say for sure what penalties exist and on what basis they are applied. (Plenty of people claim to know that such-and-such an action will lead to a penalty, but nobody knows for sure.) In any case, there are many factors at work, and the situation is constantly changing.

The best you can do is to keep an eye on the warnings and messages you see in Google Webmaster Tools. These won’t necessarily tell you that your site is penalised, but they could indicate serious issues that you need to be aware of.

Better still, make sure that your site is of the best possible quality, that you are following Google’s guidelines, and that you are not knowingly doing anything to deceive the search engines or your visitors.


You are the first penality checker tool if you always keep your eyes open while using Google webmaster. It gives the proper messages and other source to get noticed that my site is going to be penalize. So always keep your eyes on webmasters.

Thanks all webmaster

You can use following penalty checker tools:
*Open site explorer.
*Keyword spy.
*SEO tool for excel
*Keyword analytics.
*Google Adwords keyword tool.

In what way are those products penalty-checking tools? As far as I know, they are all keyword optimisation tools. They won’t tell you whether your site is subject to a search-engine penalty. Also, as this thread is now a month old and the OP has indicated his acceptance of the replies, is there any point in carrying on with it?


check it through your webmasters tool… for me i am using google’s tool i actually had a penalized site… my site wasnt showing in the search engines

Considering the OP hasn’t returned except to say Thanks a month ago, and presumably has received a satisfactory answer, I guess not.

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