Peer Reviewers Wanted

You may or may not know that the PHP channel has recently transitioned to Github for draft submissions. This experimental approach, aside from providing a unified approach to submitting new material and keeping it all versioned in one place, also serves as a peer review repository in which everyone can comment on everyone’s work.

All articles are pull requests, and as such have issues. Everyone can comment on these issues and put inline notes in both text and code.

Things have been a bit slow, however - peer review isn’t happening nearly as intensely as I would like it to be.

If you would like to help out with peer review and help make sure we only publish the highest quality content, please let me know, give me your Github username, and after I make sure you’re qualified to give your opinion (you need to have at least some open source work behind you) I’ll invite you to the repo. Note that you’d be doing this only for the karma points, I can’t pay you to peer review and the only thing you get out of it is a sense of satisfaction brought forth by the knowledge that you helped improve a publicly available resource. In time, there will be badges, achievements and actual points, if that floats your boat, but unless you’re an author as well as reviewer, there’s little concrete benefit to be gained from this.

Any takers?


Hi, im an open source developer and i work exclusively on PHP… i have been working on code video tutorials ( for past 1 and half year… and i did a couple of open source projects (

Im ready to work for this… here is my github username ( but most of my projects are here ( … im interested in writing articles for PHP … let me know if i can work for that as well …you can review my writing skills here (

Krishna Teja
Founder - PacketCode
Open Source Developers Community

Thanks for the interest - for writing gigs, please get in touch via

Hello there. I’ve been developing web applications with PHP for the past 12 years, and working exclusively on large-scales ones for the past 10. Would like to help out with the peer review process. Lately I also started to contribute to our company blog, you can have a look at to get a feel of my English level, which I believe can be useful to you.

Hi @gbtekkie,

thanks for your interest, I’d love to have you on board! Can you give me your github username so I can invite you?

Sure. My github username is georgiana-gligor.

Done! All the instructions are in the repo so dive right in and don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions!

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