PDO::__construct(): warning


This morning I needed to reinstall wamp server, After doing so and recreating the databases for the different sites I sunndenly got the following error:

Warning: PDO::__construct(): The server requested authentication method unknown to the client [sha256_password] in C:\wamp64\www\......

Nothing is changed in httpd-vhosts or in any other place. I never saw this error before. What can be the reason and more importand what can I do about it? Thank you in advange


Hmmm. The error message did not specify a line number and file name but only "C:\wamp64\www......"?

That's not helpful at all. How is one to know where the problem is without searching files under that folder.


Hi Mittineague. Thanks for the reply. It was completely my wrong. While adding a new user I used the tab key to go through all fields. While doing that, by accident the authentication was changed from mySql to SHA 256. Thanks again for the reply


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