Pdf file not updating on the website

I updated a pdf file through ftp, but on the website, after I click on the link it still shows up as the old version.

I thought it’s a cache thing, as on my mobile it is shown correctly.
But I’ve deleted my cache and tried several browsers, but the problem persists. Even the client sees the old version still.

I’ve tried renaming the file on the server and changing the a href link in html as well…

What could the issue be ?

If that’s correct then the file version is new and the culprit would be the browser/device caching.

I suggest you try connect with a new browser/device to make sure it is not a client side cache issue.

Have you tried deleting the server copy before uploading the file by FTP?

yes, just now…

I tried deleting the cache in Chrome, and also Safari…

Still I see the old version of the pdf file… very weird.

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