PDF and SEO for any URL quotation

I need help if any quotation of URL without link is also a benefit for SEO and social media if this is included inside PDF.

Could you please explain more in detail?

If you place a link like an example: https:/www.example.com it is known it will be read by smart search engines and SEO is validated. But I guess what will happen if I place https:/www.demo.com without link. Is it detected text as a link or I missed? We all know different techniques but is it known a text without link inside PDF as an official explanation?

Possible to reply?

I would be guessing. But.

Web spiders don’t much care about files attached to your site. It probably will never read a PDF.

Link text that isnt a link isn’t a link in terms of SEO. A link is a active decision. You choose to make something a link because you vouch for it; otherwise, you make it not a link and dont.

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Thank you for the message!

I’m pretty sure PDFs are indexed, unless you take active steps to prevent it. That used to be the case, anyway, and I’ve no reason to believe things have changed.

That said, I very much doubt that a URL in a PDF document will have any influence on your SEO.

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I believe this to be true. When I search, it is not unknown for PDFs to turn up in results.

A URL as text, probably not.
But a PDF can contain actual links. I don’t know one way or the other whether they influence SEO, but it is possible, given PDFs are indexed and crawled.

Thank you for he message.


A non-clickable text URL from any website is not helpful for SEO. The website providing you
with a non-clickable URL is not passing any link juice to your website or in other words, they
are keeping their link importance with them only.