Paypal or billdesk connect


i have a doubt ,how connent to paypall or billdesk system in my web site

Sorry, but you’ll need to give a lot more details of what you’re trying to achieve if you want any meaningful answers. The two companies seem to offer rather different services, so without more information, it’s not possible to guess what you want to do.

i need the info regaring the paypall system r billing desk system used in e-comerce website

i need the coding and any other content required for paypall r billdesk system

i.e,hav to buy the paypall system ,and want to know the process r coding required for paypall system

Again, it’s not clear what you want to do. Are you trying to integrate PayPal with an existing shopping cart, or do you want to use their cart and checkout? And I don’t understand how billdesk relates to e-commerce; as far as I can see, it’s a system for paying bills online.

In any case, whichever system you’re using should provide you with the relevant code to integrate it with your site. I suggest you visit the relevant site and and follow their instruction. If you have difficulties and want to ask a specific question, then by all means do so, but it is not the purpose of a forum to walk you through an entire topic step-by-step. And given the little information you’ve supplied, it’s not possible for us to give you more guidance.

i am planing to make a payments system to my website,so i need info regarding
which kind of payment system is good
weather i require to purchase the payment system
the coding required for that payment system like paypal