PayPal: any way a repeated donations can be set up, using amount of visitors choice?

I’m trying to figure out if there’s a way to set up a PayPal subscription button, where visitors would be able to “subscribe” to donate an amount of their own choosing each month.

I know this can be set up for fix amount donation/subscriptions, but I can’t seem to find a way for repeating subscriptions where visitors would be able to enter their own amount.

Any ideas? Thanks.

You could do this using a bit of JavaScript on the client side. I did something similar on this site.

I would expose a text input and a button to the user. They would fill in the value they want to pay on the subscription, then when they hit the button your script would fill in the appropriate hidden field(s) on the PayPal form. In this case you might change the “a3” field’s value to match what the user had typed. Then your script could submit the form, which posts the updated amount over to PayPal.

Once you have that down, just expose a few more fields for the user’s info (name, etc.) and do the same thing on the hidden fields before submitting the form.

Make sense?

Thanks! Much appreciated! I’ll ask a few colleagues if they can help me set this up using the instructions you’ve provided.

I have just reintroduced a subscription button to my site which was previously withdrawn due to lack of support :frowning:

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