Payment processor intergration


Just looking for a general comment or idea on time scale to integrate a new payment processor.

I am changing my payment processor over to CCBill over the next month and need to employ a programmer to do the task for me on my web site.

Can anyone here give me just a rough ball park figure of the amount of time it would usually take a developer to do this?

1 day/2 days/3 days ? is it likely to be over a weeks work to do this 5/6 days?

Thanks for your help everyone on this.

Assuming you’re using CCBIll subscriptions, unless they’re changed it used to be a straightforward affair where CCBIll provide your with some HTML code (basically a web form) for your signup page, along with a couple of tweaks so the .htaccess and .htpasswd file for usernames/password could be updated automatically.

If it’s the same process the basic integration is an hour or two, allow another hour to test.


Thanks so allowing for reading up documentation on the integration , would you say that if a developer quoted 42 hours to do the integration , something is not quiet right there?

I haven’t done a CCBIll job for several years but for basic subscription sites I remember it didn’t take long at all, so 42 hours seems very excessive unless there’s a lot of extra work somewhere.

Have you got a detailed list of the work that this developer is quoting for?

The work has already been done I will copy paste some of the descriptions of work done. I had the present payment processor integrated within 1.5 days and that is why I am asking. The developer is saying the job was a 42 hour job, which seems a crazy time, thats like coming into work every day from monday till friday 8am till 5pm and working on this, then still having to come in for a few hours the following week to complete it. Here are a few copies of my developers questions:
"CCBill Payment system has some limitations:

  1. Amount limit: Amount limit for a transaction in CCBill is max 100.00$, but on the site there are some subscriptions which price exceeds this limit.
  2. By default CCBill doesn’t permit you to create custom pricing payment forms.

So for both problems CCBill account owner must contact CCBill administration with a request to enable custom pricing and increase amount limit for his account."

I solved this the next day with a call to CCBill.

"There is a problem with CCBill test payment.

Only first time when i tried I could make successfully a test transaction, now I cannot.

So from CCBill technical documentation in “Transaction Test Settings” I’ve created an test user(email:, Low IP Address/High IP Address:

From this IP I’m trying to submit the following form:

<form method="post" action="">
<input type="hidden" value="946962" name="clientAccnum">
<input type="hidden" value="0000" name="clientSubacc">
<input type="hidden" value="201cc" name="formName">
<input type="hidden" value="English" name="language">
<input type="hidden" value="0000000375:840" name="allowedTypes">
<input type="hidden" value="0000000375:840" name="subscriptionTypeId">
<input type="hidden" value="543e7692ca708" name="transactionId">
<input type="hidden" value="Subscription+to++Gold+Membership-Quarterly" name="description">
<input type="submit" value="Pay $59.95 via CCBill" name="submit" class="pdding-class">

But I get the following error: NONE Not yet implemented
Image is attached(TestPaymentError.png) "

" I’ve found the solution for the test payment problem. There was a configuration issue(If user management is turned on, test payment don’t work…).

I’ve successfully upgraded my test account to gold/diamond through CCBill test transaction. So the payment on www.***********com should work now."

“Sure, live payment test will be the final step on CCBill integration. But I have to make some remarks on this.
At the moment CCBill payment system is configured to work on the dev server( and your CCBill account is configured temporarily to send post payment results to this dev server, so you can create some users on dev server and try here some real payments through CCBill.
Another remark, in your CCBill account I’ve already setup all subscriptions(look in Pricing Admin), so all subscription options with prices are already configured. Now this is very mportant: when creating an subscription inside CCBill it asigns for that subscription an ID, now be careful these ID’s are linked with subscriptions configured in the database, if you change or delete a subscription inside CCBill, that option will not be available as a payment option on the site, to work you have to change it in database also.
So as I mentioned, create some users on dev server and try to upgrade their accounts. Finally after you confirm some successful payments, we will change CCBill post payment feedbacks to go to live server and CCBIll integration process will be completed.”

And that is about it really! all that is left is to remove the present payment processor and send visitors to CCBill, CCBill is now set up live on the live site ready to take over.

Im no web developer but have been involved in web sites a few years now and , just seems to me that the job will take over a week solid for a develop to do.

Im just after a little feedback on the time scale, I have already been told by two others the time is excessive .

Thanks for your help here:)

Yes that sounds familiar. As I remember your on-site signup page is just a simple web form with various subscription options. Once the customer has selected an option they go through to a hosted CCBIll payment page, and it’s on that page your actual prices show (you control these via CCBIll admin).

If you get stuck on something CCBill do have a tech support team, whenever I contacted them they were great and often logged into the site to make code tweaks to get things working.

Ok thanks for that, so lastly generally in your view 42 hours (Over 1 week ) sat at a desk integrating a new CCBill page is an excessive amount of hours?

I’d say so yes, unless there was a lot of custom work added, which in CCBills case isn’t usually necessary.

At the very most I’d expect to integrate a payment like CCBill in just a few hours.

Ok thanks for your help on this, much appreciated!

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