Payment gateway interlinking with affiliates payment gateway

I have a shopping cart issue. I sell digital goods on the internet(downloadable products), I want my payment gateway to be linked to my affiliates payment gateway. So, whenever a customer presses the ‘buy it’ button the customer is redirected directly to the affiliate company’s payment gateway.

how could this be arranged? could anyone give me a detailed guide?


I don’t think that anyone can give you a detail guide to do this. There are too many variables to take into account for this.

First - We don’t know which payment gateways your affiliates are using

Second - even if you go to the payment page, you would have to have a reference number for the order your custome is doing… and are you logging the details of the order through their system? Do you have their reference number for this order?

See, the workflow to do something like this would be:

Customer place an order in your site
Customer confirms order. Probably you’ll give her a reference number… yours!
Once is confirmed, you place the order at your affiliate’s
You get the reference number for the order
You pass all the details (affiliate’s ref order, total amount, etc) to the affiliate’s payment gateway… At this point your customer may feel that something is going wrong… Why is he paying at Luigi’s when he was buying at Mary’s?
He pays and receives confirmation for the payment… confirmation that you need as well but if it doesn’t go through your page, you will never receive

I would recommend asking the affiliate whether an add-on exists that integrates the CMS in use with their payment gateway. Failing that asking for the service API /payment gateway API documentation and building your own extension for the CMS. Obviously the later is going to require programming skills and service API understanding. No easy way unless an add-on already exists.