Pay per click question

hello everyone,
i am a new user.
is there any original web site for pay per clicks.

Hi ihrony. Welcome to the forums. :slight_smile:

is there any original web site for pay per clicks.

Could you clarify what you mean by that?

pay per click means the cost per click it has the search engine provide for your web site advertisement on search engine. PPC is used for the google search engine to your web site traffic to directly in search engine. The PPC is display your site in search engine directly.

Pay per click with Google AdSense is probably your best option. It is the most widely used PPC vendor on the net.

What is “an original website”?

One probably asked where to go to find a decent PPC advertising service.

Assurances of rankings, for you are paying for it.
PPC would be consistent and largely reliable .Organic Results Can Alter .
Pay per click is indeed one of the most successful online campaign ways to expose your business to a wider audience base. If marketers and gossip gurus are to be believed, PPC is growing popular as an advertising channel for a significant reason; high return on investment.

Hey there is no such so called original website :rofl:
You should keep in mind the following mistakes usually made at time of ppc

  1. Using your home page for the landing page
  2. Bidding excessive amounts just to be listed in the number one position for a keyword
  3. The difference between being in the first position or the second can often be several dollars per click! Bid intelligently and reap higher net profits!
  4. Spending all of your pay-per-click ad budget on just one or two popular keywords
  5. Using a poor title and description in your pay-per-click listings