Passing session variable between pages

I’m sure this must be pretty straightforward, but I’m not that familiar with sessions yet.

I am basically trying to pass a session from one age to the next.

On the first page I have this:

if ("" == "")     {
  $_SESSION["Lodge_GSG_URL"] = "".$row_rs_Lodge['GSG_URL']  ."";

And on that page I can echo the session correctly using:

<?php echo $_SESSION['Lodge_GSG_URL']; ?>

On the second page, I have this, but it doesn’t display anything:

 echo $_SESSION['Lodge_GSG_URL'];

If anyone could help out that would be much appreciated.

Thank you!

On the second page, try this.


echo '<pre>';
var_dump( $_SESSION );
echo '</pre>';

Going a bit off track your code looks a bit of a mess to me, what is the if supposed to do as it will always be true?

Why not try something simple like:


  $_SESSION["Lodge_GSG_URL"] = $row_rs_Lodge['GSG_URL'] ;


Then when you are sure it is working expand it.

Just noticed that session_start() should be at the very beginning of the page and should never be prefixed with @.

Also the $row_rs_lodge variable cannot possibly exist.

Thanks. Is that on the first or second page?

The code on the first page works as I would expect.

session_start(); should be first on both pages. I made this mistake when first using sessions and could not understand why the scripts were not working.

It helps if you set set error_reporting(-1); and ini_set(‘display_errors’,true);

Thanks - it looks like its working now.

So the last part of this is the bit where I actually want to use the value in the session for a redirect link in some PHP code in a page header.

The code is:

“successRedirect” => “…/africa/session_variable_here/”,

I can’t quite get the syntax right, but think it should be something like this?

“successRedirect” => “…/africa/.”$_SESSION[‘Lodge_GSG_URL’].“/”,

That was nearly correct - its working now with:

“successRedirect” => “…/africa/”.$_SESSION[“Lodge_GSG_URL”].“/”,