Passing a query string from one page to another C# .NET


Im trying to find out how to create a query string an assign to content on a page - so for example i have a list of bookings with event title, category and location, and on each list element there is a book now button that will popup and display a form with the values already showing in the input fields. I want to pass those details using hidden input fields but im slighlty confused on how to go about this?

Most examples i have seen they show the URL with the query string in there - dont know whether this is pre-loaded or is loaded when they do


I know you can use

string site = Request.QueryString["value"];

Any guidance would be appreciated.


yes there are two ways of doing that in my knowledge…i think most easy in them is View control…

  1. you will mind view control in…which means when you will put one values in input fields then you will take that value and set those values as label control text in 2nd view which will popup like
    “Label1.Text= InputTexbox1.Text;”
  2. you shout use J query and Master and Content page in this situation that when you pop up the page it take value from content page or from, master page …cause content page might be change but master page will b that only one and you can have more multi master pages in a project


thank you for that - would like to update the thread as answered - i’ve managed to get it done and works perfectly. Quite impressive :slight_smile: