Pass multiple commands to shell_exec

Seems like an obvious question, but I can’t seem to get shell exec to execute multiple commands. I try a simple program like

$string =


And I receive results from only the first “whoami”.

How would I receive results from both whoami’s (both commands)?

… send two shell_exec’s?

Of course that could be done but that would include a lot of repetition. The real list of commands I want to use is over 1 thousand lines, at one command per line.

this is what the [FPHP]explode[/FPHP] and [FPHP]foreach[/FPHP] commands were made for…

$commands = explode("\n",$commands);
foreach($commands AS $command) {
  $stuff = shell_exec($command);
  //Do stuff with the $stuff

That said, if you’ve got 1000 lines of commands to run, stick them in an actual shell script, and call that instead.

That’s a nice solution, thanks.

My commands are currently in a shell script that is very hard to maintain. I am trying to convert everything to php as much as possible because its much easier for me to manipulate.

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