Pass from jQ/Ajax Post function an array or object to PHP for processing...?

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Is any way pass from jQ/Ajax Post function an array or object to PHP for processing…???

eg in a car dealer site add to favorites Car added to localStorage array, and then shown in favorites page by passing this array to PHP…


I have to stringify and use php json decode()…?

In other words how from $INCLUDED_MAKES PHP can get an array of [“184745”, “184401”] in PHP so pass to MySQL Query…? I want process these IDs below die();

   $fav18obj = json_decode($fav18);   // $fav18  from ajax
   $INCLUDED_MAKES = json_encode($fav18obj);
   echo $INCLUDED_MAKES;   //   [{"id":"184745"},{"id":"184401"}]  // in js given this

{“id”:“184745”} // this got from (jQ/ajax/success) below …how got only number for use in database??

   $INCLUDED_MAKES = json_encode($fav18obj[0]);

You can edit your posts y’know. ;-) Anyway, on the basis of your snippets I’m not really sure what the problem is… here’s how you’d perform a POST request with jQuery:

// Note the 'data' property which can be accessed
// by PHP just like a form input field (say)
var data = {data: [
        {id: 184745},
        {id: 184401}

    url: 'foo.php',
    method: 'POST',
    data: data
}).done(function(response) {
    // Logs
    // 184745
    // 184401

and process it with PHP like e.g.


// The $_POST index is the property of the object you sent
if (isset($_POST['data'])) {
    $data = $_POST['data'];

    foreach ($data as $value) {

        // Same here...
        echo $value['id'] . PHP_EOL;

In php needed json decode function at startup?

As you say how in php create array to pass to mysql query?

How in mysql get only cars with cardids given…? I need parentheses in query or array???

Select * cars where carid in (carid1, carid2, carid3);

No, you’d only need to do that if you’d receive a JSON string, but you’re submitting an object which will be treated by PHP as a multidimensional array. The code above should work as is.

Yes, with parentheses like that. You might concatenate the SQL string in a foreach loop over the ID array, for instance.

SELECT c.* FROM cars c WHERE‘184745’,‘184401’)

tried and this
SELECT c.* FROM cars c WHERE,184401)

but getting one array object with one object === all null… i must get 2 objects in array… is QUERY CORRECT???

You had it correct above using the IN operator.

SELECT c.* FROM cars c WHERE IN (184745,184401)

Worked this

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