Pass a data from a variable to other vaiable.?

Hello how to get the value of the variable from previous page.


Get the value from this page.

<form action='Assign.php' method='post'>
<input type='hidden' value='Open' name='status'>
	<table frame='box' align=center border=1>
			<td><b>Date:</b></td><td><?php echo $Cday?></td>
			<td><b>Time:</b><td><?php echo $Ttime?><td>
			<td><b>Ticket Number:</b></td><td><?php echo $ticketno?></td>
			<td><b>Category:</b><td><?php echo $Cat?><td>

and pass to this page.


What does the output from:


tell you that has been received?

Compare that with what you want/expect.