Partial microdata for reviews

i’m working on an e-commerce site where we list a few customer reviews about the particular product. we do not yet have the reviews tagged with any microdata.

we do not want to publish the names of the reviewers. and we do not even know the review submission dates. we also do not collect star ratings. these are simply a backlog of testimonials we’d like to post.

does it make sense to even tag the reviews with the other review microdata if we will be missing those three elements (date/reviewer/star rating)? or will it be a useless exercise?

please advise. thanks in advance.


May be this review tag will be useful for displaying more information on search result page have a look at this resources Using Microdata and About microdata which may assist you with some guidance.

Hope this helps.

thanks but those are kind of general overviews. but i’m wondering if anyone has experience or knowledge regarding the specifics of the scenario i presented? thanks.

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